5 Elements Martial Arts Felixstowe

3-5 Hamilton Road, Studio 8, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP117AX.

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Tel: 07835947711

Martial Art Classes in Felixstowe

5 Elements is a Martial Arts Academy and we are different because we genuinely care about our members, and want them to excel in life. You see for us, martial arts is a way of life and it’s all about assisting people to reach their full potential, within our classes.

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Tel: 07835947711

Ladies Only Kickboxing

Our ladies only classes are great fun and suitable for all abilities and ages. They help build physical fitness, strength, confidence and self defence whilst being in an all female environment.

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Adults Kickboxing

Our Adult classes focus mainly on Kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques, whilst getting fit, having fun, making new friends, and achieving personal goals. We welcome both complete beginners or experienced Martial Artists.

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Juniors Classes

Juniors Classes offer an opportunity to get involved in a sport that encourages focus and drive. It also provides the ability to progress through grades with the aid of coloured belts, with a sense of personal satisfaction. As well as being good for the mind and body, progressing in a martial art also looks very good on a CV and educational applications!

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Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons classes offer a great basis in Martial Arts, with reward driven incentives, confidence building, confidence building, discipline and concentration.

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Mini Elements

Our Mini Element Classes are very important for giving your child a head start in life through Martial Arts. We teach balance, coordination, life skills and martial arts techniques.

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Chow Gar Kung Fu

This is an ancient and traditional way of combat, passed on from generation to generation in China, before becoming more popular in the west.

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What People Say

"We (Dad, Jack & Chloe) have only been to one session (the Friday family session) and from that we can instantly tell it's absolutely brilliant! Chris is very dedicated and it comes from his heart, he is genuine, if you know what I mean! A rare find in this day and age! All I can say is that Chris is a martial artist and he genuinely wants to pass on his teachings.... think about it!!! You can't go wrong!... A great opportunity!!! All the best Matt."

Matt Pryke

"Chris is fantastic with the kids and always gets the best out of the boys x"

Sue Rice

"Chris is a brilliant teacher and if you can't tell from the photos, it's really good fun!"

Emma Sheppard

5 Elements Martial Arts Felixstowe - Martial Arts Classes in Felixstowe

About Us

We are a Martial Arts School based in Felixstowe, Suffolk. We provide classes for children aged 3 upwards. We believe that when learning Martial Arts, we learn a lot more than just self defence. It helps build confidence, (both externally and internally), it teaches us self respect and to respect others. Perhaps the most important lesson learnt from Martial Arts, is discipline and how to control our thoughts and feelings and channel them into something healthy and positive.

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3-5 Hamilton Road
Studio 8

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