5 Elements Martial Arts Felixstowe

3-5 Hamilton Road, Studio 8, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP117AX.

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Our Classes

Adult grading back in January 2018 In our Adult classes, you will learn Kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques, while getting fit, making friends, achieving goals and having a great time. You can join as a complete beginner or as an accomplished martial artist.





Juniors grading website Our Junior lessons for nine to thirteen year olds offer an opportunity to get involved in a sport that encourages focus and drive. It also provides the opportunity to progress through grades with a sense of personal satisfaction. As well as being good for the mind and body, achievements through the martial arts looks great on CV’s and educational applications.





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Ladies only classes are great fun and are suitable for all abilities. They offer physical fitness, strength, confidence and self-defence in an all female environment.








IMG_1383 Little Dragons classes for six  to eight year olds offer a great basis in Martial Arts together with reward driven incentives, confidence building, discipline and concentration.







IMG_1689 Our Mini Elements classes are very important for giving your child a head start in life through Martial Arts. We teach balance, coordination, life skills and Martial Art techniques.

 5 Elements Martial Arts Felixstowe

3-5 Hamilton Road
Studio 8

  Telephone: 07835947711


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